Music Theory Book Series

About the books

The music theory series, titled Music Theory is Fun, was written to help students, especially children, learn more about the music and instruments they play. What makes this series different is it’s design – from the ground up it’s been specifically written to make music theory easy to understand, and fun to learn.

Children can begin learning, understanding, and yes, enjoying music theory at a much younger age. Although the first formal study of music theory is usually at age twelve, these books allow younger children to understand and enjoy music theory at age seven! The books can be treated as preliminary preparation before formal study of theory and musicianship grades. The course can also be used in classroom situations at school, band and orchestra tutoring.

Great for teachers

As a teacher you know that musical understanding develops more easily when music theory and practice are combined, giving a solid foundation and balanced musical education. You also know that understanding the relationship of note values and can be a hard concept for beginners, but vital to grasp musical structure.

This course aims to make all the technical features of notation come alive to a beginner music student so that they can progress more quickly. The response, to date, of both teachers and students indicates that all who have completed the course have achieved a happy comprehension of the basics upon which to build their whole musical experience. The books incorporate ideas of effective learning and retention and provide a means of ensuring understanding rather than blind imitation of basic musical theory. This enables students to grow musically, transfer knowledge to any new musical situation, become self-sufficient in working out musical and technical problems, and gives them skills in interpreting musical compositions for themselves.

Fosters learning

The book series stimulates and fosters a love of music theory. The bright rainbow covers are appealing and the lessons are attractively presented, with the layout not too busy or congested. Lessons are easy to read and understand, and the worksheets, exercises, games and puzzles are fun to complete. Subjects are introduced progressively and explained in an easy and clear way. The exercises are non-threatening and simple and help students learn, understand and achieve quickly. They contain clear explanations for all instrumentalists. These are accurate musically and technically, but made easy. Definitions provide continuity throughout the rest of the student’s musical education.