Musical Instruments Textbook

About the books

This exciting text book has been written specifically for grade 7 and 8 and provides a broad introduction to the full range of musical instruments used in the modern orchestra.

The orchestra is clearly and simply explained so that students can easily understand and appreciate the various instruments and the way in which they contribute to the overall musical performance.

Benefits for teachers

  • A fully designed course on the musical instruments of the modern orchestra
  • Well structured lessons that are attractively and clearly presented
  • Comprehensive sections on String, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion instruments
  • Detailed drawings and descriptions of each instrument – size, construction, tuning, range, sounds, method of playing, relationship to other instruments in the orchestra
  • Extensive worksheets, games and puzzles are included in each section to reinforce knowledge and make revision easy

Benefits for students

  • Students learn about the full range of musical instruments and discover how each makes a distinctive contribution to overall music performance within the orchestra
  • Challenging yet fun-to-do worksheets, games and puzzles enhance learning and stimulate interest in and appreciation of music
  • Lessons and worksheets are designed to make learning easy, enjoyable and fun so that students understand and achieve quickly